Locanda al Pomo D'Oro from 1938

The "Locanda al Pomo d’oro" is well-known by the name way farer hostel ( Xenodofio ).
This hostel was founded in the VII century by the Duke Romualdo in Cividale, in the same place where today the Locanda al Pomo d’oro is standing.
Many tourists come to Cividale to visit and discover the most beautiful squares of this little town and taste the specialties of the traditional kitchen from Friuli in the restaurant or on the terrace of the Locanda from where they can admire a wonderful landscape.
The Locanda “ Al Pomo d’oro” has been managed by family Picotti since 1938. They carry on a tradition of hospitality and quality.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in the historical centre of the little town Cividale. Here you will taste the best dishes of the traditional kitchen from Friuli..

The Rooms

All rooms are furnished with every comfort,ready to welcome our guests and where they can enjoy an unforgettable visit.


In our dependence, stillness and quiet are the Keywords for a pleasant stay in Cividale.